PrivateInvest is a private commerical non-bank financier specialising in the Australia real estate sector. 

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This episode of PrivateInvest TALK covers:

  • PrivateInvest values
  • Forward-thinking business
  • Challenging the status quo
  • Strong culture
  • Leveraging our best assets, our people

Welcome to PrivateInvest TALK your update and insight into how our investment funds operate and the opportunities in the private debt market in Australia. 

Mark, having met your team members one thing that comes across strongly is the culture and values.

What values would you say really drive PrivateInvest?

It ties back to when we created PrivateInvest over a decade ago, we set down a goal and a promise for the organisation to be a forward-thinking business, always challenging the status quo, having a strong culture within the business and leveraging our best assets, our people. 

So, first place that we work with is trying to be a very good customer service organisation. It is very rewarding to display good customer service to your clients, and in our case, our clients can be very broad, from investors – that are investing in our funds, to borrowers – who are borrowing money.  

That transparency is important because in the information that you produce to your investors – the Information Memorandum, how you conduct yourself on the telephone, or on a zoom call, or face to face – it is about being honest and answering those questions.  

Another word we use in the organisation is trust and I find that if you have an organisation that displays very good customer service, and it is very transparent in its communication – it automatically establishes trust. 

When you have trust, people are confident in investing with you as an organisation.  

One of the things we work for when we talk about a forward-thinking organisation is we work on consistency of discipline and marginal gains. It has been taken out of sport, but it is a good way of constantly trying to find better ways of doing things, so we are always asking ourselves: 

Could we do that better? 

Could we deliver a better system around it? 

Could we deliver a better way of communicating it to our investors?

Could we explain it better?

Can we invest better? 

PrivateInvest balance for better

Naomi Roberts Legal Governance & Compliance, Mark Roberts Founing Managing Director, Ellie O’Dea Digital Marketing, Sarah de Rozario Finance Manager

Getting a better return for our Investors so that consistency and discipline and that marginal gain goes right across the organisation, integrity is important.  

Integrity rolls down underneath trust and fairness – the staff have got to be able to look at me and other team members and say is that fair? 

Does the investment product that we are putting into the marketplace have integrity? 

The old saying is: would you put your parents into it? Is it a product that you would be happy to tell your family that they should invest in? 

The other one is accountability, you have got to be accountable; accountable for your mistakes, as well as accountable for successes, working on accountability is very important.  

We work on a value exchange right through the organisation on these key things and finding different ways of measuring those values, but that culture must be developed or has been developed and is constantly being developed amongst the team.  

Well, that is fantastic it has given us a broad picture of what PrivateInvest is thank you.

Thanks Pia, thank you. 

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