PrivateInvest People | 21 October 2021

PrivateInvest People Stewart Kestel

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Join Pia and Stewart for the bloopers of a behind the scenes conversation, Stewart Kestel is Head of Loan Relations at PrivateInvest.

PrivateInvest People series was created to provide insight into who the PrivateInvest team are, and their qualifying abilities.

Stewart can you tell us about yourself?

First I am a father, a partner, a family man, a good friend, who respects people. I like helping people and especially appreciate honesty. Integrity, character and humor are not just words.

Why did you choose to work with PrivateInvest?

I have been involved in the property industry since leaving school, as I always knew people needed to live somewhere and hence many opportunities in the diverse property sector.

I though what is a good way to understand the whole industry? So decided to complete a commerce degree majoring in property, which would provide many opportunities. I then choose to specialize in valuation as a way to understand the different markets and realistically have developers reveal where and why they were doing things. It always fascinated me as to why different properties in similar locations or nearby worked and were in demand and other properties were not as valuable or in demand.

I chose PrivateInvest mainly because of the people and that capital is the key ingredient in any property outcome.

What does a typical workday look like for you?

There are no typical days. Each day brings new opportunities, with unique conversations as each deal is different and requires alternative thinking and appreciation of the desired outcome. I find conversations with developers and brokers rewarding as I may be able to aid in facilitating their goal or objective.

I enjoy trying to understand the objective whilst assessing the risk associated with each deal to deliver an outcome providing our investors with a fair and realistic return, coupled with optimism of delivering a positive outcome for all.

What is the most rewarding thing about working at PrivateInvest?

Helping people achieve their vision and goals.

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Stewart Kestel’s Background

Stewart has extensive experience in property, finance, development and capital raising.

Stewart’s career started with his family business which is involved in the tourism, caravan and lifestyle village industry, which provided the basis for his strong interest in property and finance over the past 30 years. Stewart’s career includes Managing Director and equity partner of one of Western Australia’s largest and most respected valuation practices for over 10 years, Hegney Property Group. Hegney Property Group held a respective 20% market share of the State, providing valuation services to all major banks, large institutions and non-bank lenders valuing over $7B of property each year. He was instrumental in expanding Hegney Property Group’s regional offices providing state-wide coverage and establishing the first buyer’s agency in WA.

He has also held roles including acquisitions manager for one of Australia’s largest residential property developers Satterley Property Group and acquisitions manager for WA, SA and VIC for the ASX listed Aspen Group. As Director of Complex Projects within the housing portfolio of the Western Australian State Government, Stewart was responsible for the acquisition of englobo land for future master planned communities, establishing joint venture development partnerships with large land developers, holding appropriate board positions and the planning for redevelopment of the established 40,000 plus existing social housing properties.

Stewart prior to joining PrivateInvest was involved in raising over $40m for a public unlisted technology start up, which is developing revolutionary composite materials known as Digital Materials. The company is now entering commercialisation, generating first revenues, and progressing towards a public listing.

He is Head of Loan Relations at PrivateInvest and drawing upon his strong valuation skills in the loan due diligence process.

Meet the PrivateInvest management team.

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We commit every day to cultivating a workplace that focuses on fun, energy, and enthusiasm, which makes us not only a great place to and to work for. We also get property and finance which is important when lending money and managing investments. PrivateInvest capability to manage investment and lending is supported by an experienced Board and Management Team with a combined property industry of over 300 aggregate years. We do not like to sing our praises, but it does include the management of investment funds more than $3 billion, property assets totalling more than $10 billion, direct property development of over $2 billion, and investment banking transactions (both domestic and international) totalling more than $3 billion.