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New Investment Clients.

If you are seeking to invest and qualify as a wholesale or professional investor, please register through our Contact Us page.

Our Investments have been prepared only for the issue to, and use by, prospective investors who qualify as “Eligible Investors”. In Australia, an investor qualifies as an Eligible Investor if they are a “wholesale client” (as defined in section 761G of the Corporations Act) or a person who satisfies the Trustee that they are not a “retail client” within the meaning of the Corporations Act and who otherwise satisfies the Trustee’s investment criteria.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to ensure you comply and to obtain an Information Memorandum.

  • Co-invest Direct Investment Syndication or Investment Mandates

We provide choice on investment direct, or co-investment. We also source the right loans. Either option is that you get to invest, or co-invest with a professional partner with significant resources to achieve your desired returns and mitigate risk.

Smaller family offices, off shore investors and wholesale individual investors often do not have the appropriate resources to undertake detailed due diligence, to appropriately price risk, or to manage any issues that might arise throughout the loan term. This can be a high risk and time-consuming activity. This is also may include not having what we term “local ground truth” and not having the benefit of our national investment management team on the ground in Australia.

You can choice to invest in the Alternative Finance Fund and benefit direct from the income returns and our funds management expertise, or co-invest with us under a syndication agreement on loans that are provided to us through our national strategic alliance with BCP Finance.

The Alternative Finance Fund has a strategic alliance with BCP Finance which is headquartered in Melbourne, Australia.  BCP Finance has delivered in excess of $1.3 billion in loan settlements in the last five years.  BCP Finance has established strong professional relationships with various other like-minded, professionally driven and operated broker groups throughout Australia.

We would welcome further syndicated partners. Please contact direct Mark Roberts +61 419 745544 or email mark.roberts@privateinvest.com.au.

Download the Co-invest brochure to find out more.

Existing Investment Clients

We like to keep you informed.

Unit holder related enquiries (such as unit statements, distribution and tax reports, annual reports, or to change your details), please contact One Registry Services during business hours on:

One Registry Services Pty Ltd
Telephone: +61 2 8188 1510
Email: privateinvest@oneregistryservices.com.au

or in writing at:

PrivateInvest Alternative Finance Fund Registry One Registry Services Pty Limited
PO Box R1479
Royal Exchange NSW 1225