Apply to Invest Online

You can apply to invest online or you can choose to go through the application process with one of our Investor Relations team members.

Once you have read the Information Memorandum in full for the PrivateInvest First Mortgage Fund that you are considering to invest in and have obtained any external advice – what is next?

To invest in one of our Funds, you must be qualified as a Wholesale or Sophisticated Investor (as defined in section 761G of the Corporations Act).

Watch our PrivateInvest TALK online tutorial that steps you through the investment application process.

Then call us on 1300 2 INVEST (1300 2 468 378) or register for a request call back, to speak to one of our Investment Relations team and we can organise a meeting, or set up a Zoom or Teams video call, to guide you through the application process.

We welcome your investment into first mortgage finance and the higher yielding cash returns it offers. This combined with the investment risk mitigation of registered first mortgage security provides excellent risk weighted investment returns.

We Keep You Informed About Your Investment

Once your investment is approved you will have access to our Investor Portal which provides efficient and secure access to your investment information including holding balances, transaction records, annual reports, investor newsletters and payment history 24/7.

One Registry Services, an external registry service, provides an additional level of governance oversight to ensure your investment is managed efficiently. PrivateInvest, apart from its robust internal governance, has also engaged the services of BOCS an external compliance business to keep across current compliance and risk management frameworks.

PrivateInvest Investor/Loan Relations Team
Steward Kestel | Investor/Loan Relations
Tim Jones | Investor/Loan Relations

How Is Your Investment Managed?

The Investment and Facility Manager for the First Mortgage Funds is PrivateInvest First Management Pty Limited. This company has a highly skilled Board and strong technical management team. PrivateInvest First Management is responsible for the identification of new Loans with Borrowers, Loan due diligence, Credit submission to both the Loan Underwriter and the Independent Directors of the Investors Trustee company. All Loans under due diligence obtain independent valuation reports and all other external reports necessary to assess the creditworthiness of a new Loan.

Once the Loan is approved PrivateInvest First Management manages the formal Loan documentation with the external lawyers until financial close and then manages the Loan for the Investors. This includes receipting the Borrowers interest into the Funds and the provision of regular Investor’s reporting.

PrivateInvest Pty Limited, the parent entity is responsible for all capital raising for the First Mortgage Funds.

Strong governance is very important to PrivateInvest and the group has a robust governance overlay over its Loan approval process, policies, systems and investor reporting.

Approval of Loans are subject to the initial approval for submission by the Investment and Facility Manager to the Loan Underwriter and then to Trustee Entity. The Trustee company is PrivateInvest Capital Securities Limited, which also holds the Australian Services License, and Greg Peel, the Independent Chairman Trustee, and Tom Ellen Independent Director Trustee, have final approval on all Loans. This provides another level of governance and independence.

Investor’s distributions are managed with a designated finance team headed up by two highly competent managers; Leon Boyatzis and Sarah de Rozario, who have many years’ experience in finance and funds management.

You are welcome to talk directly to our finance team by calling 1300 2 INVEST (1300 2 468 378) or speak with Leon Boyatzis, Head of Funds Management on our governance structure.

PrivateInvest Finance Team
Leon Boyatzis | Head of Funds Management
Sarah de Rozario | Finance Manager