PrivateInvest Mandate

  • The Alternative Finance Fund
    – to provide non-Bank funding to quality developers, in the increasing funding void created by changes to the Australian Banking regulations
  • Specialised health and medical infrastructure
    – as asset developers and owners
  • ‘Built for affordable rental’ housing
    – long-term leases, independent of Government support
  • Affordable residential aged care accommodation
    – enabled by separating operation ownership and property ownership
  • Social housing 
    – with the security of government counter-party contractual agreements
  • Special purpose assets
    – long-term leases supported quality tenants

These sectors, which are driven by significant demographic and economic trends, are facing increasing demand with inadequate supply, yet they provide vital services and increase employment opportunities. They provide consistent and sound defensive investment opportunities in counter cyclical markets, at a time where investors are looking for alternative investments to the traditional equity and property asset classes.

We provide choice to our investors. You can invest with us direct, or syndicate with us, and in this current uncertain investment environment we are already intuitively focused on the discipline and culture appropriate to the new financial environment and we are achieving superior, risk-adjusted returns for our investors.

  • Forward thinking. Solving the finance problem.

PrivateInvest established the Alternative Finance Fund to assist property owners and developers to access finance in the face of a marked decrease in the availability of bank lending.

In the face of this funding shortage, driven by permanent changes to the Australian banking regulations, the Australian commercial real estate market is now starting to follow the trends of many overseas markets, with an increased dependence on private finance, including alternative investment funds.

The Fund is an open pooled investment vehicle for wholesale and professional investors. Amounts raised from investors are invested in a portfolio of loans that have undergone a rigorous process of due diligence and credit analysis.

To find out more please go to the Income Fund page.

  • Forward thinking. New possibilities. Healthcare.

Our health as a nation depends on our health as individuals and vice versa. Therefore, a ‘healthy’ health system is fundamental to our national and personal well-being and prosperity.

Australia’s aging population underpins growth prospects for healthcare services, with demand largely unaffected by economic cycles. We focus on the ownership of healthcare, or healthcare related properties, such as hospitals, private specialist facilities, day surgeries, medical centres and ancillary healthcare assets that have operators that provide high quality care.

Our investments are based on the integration and co-location of medical services, and partnering with industry stakeholders.

Our experienced management team is backed by an integrated healthcare team.

  • Forward thinking. New possibilities. Social and affordable housing.

The availability of adequate and appropriate housing stock is the starting point, not the end point, for improved social and affordable housing outcomes, as the housing continuum begins at crisis accommodation and progresses through to affordable home ownership.

Governments are seeking innovative solutions to their aging housing stock, which is usually under-occupied and requires significant and costly refurbishment or redevelopment.

Our directors have spent many years in the affordable housing sector. This has included an Australian Stock Exchange listing for a company that managed over 5,500 units affordable rental units for seniors, establishing an innovative fund structure for institutional investment into the sector, receiving numerous awards from the Urban Development Institute of Australia for “Innovations in Affordable Housing” and providing corporate advisory to the community housing sector for financing affordable housing projects.

  • Forward thinking. New possibilities. Residential aged care.

PrivateInvest is an owner, financier and developer of new residential care accommodation, leased to quality approved aged care managers in the not-for-profit and private sectors. Our company objective is to increase the supply of quality, accessible and affordable residential aged care accommodation within both major metropolitan centres, and throughout regional Australia. We have also developed and will be launching a new investment model in response to the Government findings from the Royal Commission.