• Forward thinking. Long-term Performing Health Asset.

Over the past 12 months, PrivateInvest has been developing a healthcare investment strategy and assembling a team capable of delivering an innovative and integrated medical centre development, management and asset model.

This investment model does not adopt the traditional approach of delivery, instead it reverse engineers the process to source the most sustainable locations for funding capacity, workforce capacity and importantly the integration of patient care.

PrivateInvest will provide a total turnkey solution for the successful and sustainable establishment of medical centres across Australia. This solution is based on a set of specialised disciplines not currently provided in association with medical centre assets. These include:

  • proprietary scientific modelling to identify and target areas of significant undersupplied health demand in Australia;
  • analytic research to quantify regional health needs, and qualify infrastructure, workforce and revenue structures necessary to support these demand-based health services;
  • an integrated co-design program based on financial modelling in partnership with health service providers to ensure operationally and commercially sustainable principles are engineered into the purpose built asset that can be adapted to any location;
  • a system of operational governance that unifies and supports all stakeholders of the medical centre, delivering a collaborative practice of integrated, patient-centred care of the highest standards; and
  • establishment of an independent management structure to guide continuous improvement, strategically respond to changes in the health sector, and to ensure that the health asset is at the forefront of the innovation required to improve health outcomes for patients and the health system nationally.

PrivateInvest has developed a team who have an enviable track record of service delivery in both the health and investment sector, with collective experience totaling over 75 years in the health industry – providing clinical services, researching or planning health services, administering or directing health infrastructure developments, and managing the performance of significant health assets including hospitals and health service networks.

This program of health asset development and ongoing management provides a de-risked and defensive investment opportunity, scalable across the Australian market.

Media releases on the new branded healthcare management company will follow shortly and the first asset location is expected to be announced in October 2019.