PrivateInvest is a private commercial non-bank financier specialising in the Australian real estate sector.

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This episode of PrivateInvest TALK covers:

PrivateInvest mortgage Funds

Non-bank lenders

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Welcome to PrivateInvest TALK, your update and insight into how our investment Funds operate and the opportunities in the private debt market in Australia. 

Mark, I understand you are the founder and managing director of PrivateInvest, can you tell me a little bit more?

Yes, PrivateInvest was founded by my family over 10 years ago and we are still the major shareholders. 

PrivateInvest is a financial services company specialising in first mortgage, non-bank lending, income funds and structured finance across the real estate sector.

We are headquartered out of Perth, but we operate out of our Sydney office for the eastern seaboard, we are supported by a highly credentialed board and technical management team. 

What is a non-bank lender?

 A non-bank lender is a financial institution that offers commercial loans to the marketplace but doesn’t hold a banking license.

Those financial institutions are usually made up of organisation that could be:


mortgage funds

private equity funds

hedge funds

What they have done in the Australian marketplace, offers a legitimate alternative to the mainstream banks, very common in Europe and the United States, but an emerging growth market in Australia. 

I understand you have a great team and excellent board.

To preserve and to offer investors good risk adjusted returns, it needs to be supported by a technical team, in my opinion, and a highly credentialed board.

Our Board has extensive experience across funds management, asset management, investment management and banking development – covering all aspects of what our business does, as well as it is supported by the technical management team who have been very much involved in funds management for many years. 

Investing into real estate alternatives

PrivateInvest founding managing director Mark Roberts (left), Head of Funds Management Leon Boyatzis and Finance Manager Sarah de Rozario.

So, Mark I understand that PrivateInvest has two Funds.

Yes, we do. The first Fund is the PrivateInvest First Mortgage Fund, and the second Fund is the PrivateInvest Select Mortgage Fund. Both Funds operate as a private commercial non-bank financier into the Australian marketplace and specifically in the real estate sector.

Mark, you mentioned that the investment is only for wholesale and professional investors.

How do I know if I am one of these?

The best thing to do, is on our website go to the Investor Centre page and it steps out what you must have to qualify as a wholesale and professional investor.

Generally, you’ll need an Accountant Certificate to support that statement. It’s very important that you do qualify under ASIC guidelines, so I’d suggest going online or calling one of our Investor Relations members on 1300 2 INVEST (1300 2 468 378) and they’re happy to step through the process and make sure you’re qualified. 

Thank you for watching PrivateInvest TALK