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1300 2 INVEST

Beat the Cash Rate

Target cash returns of 8% to 10% p.a, post fees and expenses.

Tired or frustrated with the cash returns from your bank deposit investment? Add in inflation and bank fees and you are pretty much going backwards!

This coupled with the Reserve Bank Australia (“RBA”) cash rate remaining at the unprecedented 0.10 basis points and the Governor of the RBA, Philip Lowe stating “that the Board is not expecting to increase the cash rate to at least 2024 at the earliest”. This will leave investors with the challenge of seeking higher yield cash returns that sit at the lower end of the risk curve.

Have you thought about placing some of your investment, or fixed income allocation into the non-bank lending sector?

The PrivateInvest First Mortgage Funds are a higher yielding investment that provides regular income to investors, secured by registered first mortgage security (and additional guarantees adding to the security pool) on commercial loans in the Australian real estate sector.

Non-bank lenders, in the Australian real estate sector, offer a legitimate alternative to traditional banks and have created a competitive environment to the advantage of borrowers, who have realised the benefits of the sector. Investors realise the benefits through their returns and  gain access to a higher yielding regular investment income returning more than the current cash rates paid by the banks.

As an Investor, you can be the bank!

PrivateInvest specialises in private, commercial, non-bank finance in the Australian real estate sector supported by a highly credentialed Board and technical management team.

Watch the PrivateInvest TALK videos for more details on the different Fund options available to you or further information on the PrivateInvest professional team behind the investment.

First Mortgage fund
Select Mortgage fund
Target cash returns of 8% to 10% p.a, post fees and expenses. - PrivaeInvest

Investment Options

PrivateInvest manages two Funds.

PrivateInvest First Mortgage Fund (Pooled Fund).

This Fund targets returns to Investors between 8% and 10% p.a, post fees and expenses.

PrivateInvest Select Mortgage Fund (Single Loans).

This Fund includes individual Loans with different classes of units within the one Fund. Returns vary on the risk profile of the Loan. A general guide would be similar target returns to the PrivateInvest First Mortgage Fund.

Investors must read the Information Memorandum in full for the PrivateInvest First Mortgage Fund that you are investing in.

If you choose to invest in the PrivateInvest Select Mortgage Fund, you must also read the Loan Memorandum in relation to the Loan you are investing in.

register for information memorandum
register for information memorandum