PrivateInvest is a boutique corporate finance advisor and fund manager, specialising in the design and management of alternative finance and asset vehicles.

The group’s strategic objective is the creation of value to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns for wholesale and professional investors through the structuring, financing and active management of real estate and investment capital.

Our specialist skills are in:

  • Investment Debt/Income Funds: the fund is an open, pooled investment vehicle for wholesale or professional investors. It has been established in response to the changes to the Australian banking regulations. We finance quality property developers with primarily first mortgage loans with strong creditworthiness (see our Income Fund page to find out more).
  • Development Finance: as fund managers and developers, we understand the frustration that comes with arranging finance for even the best projects. We provide a range of structured loans to participants in the Australian property development markets. If you are a developer seeking finance, go to our Alternative Finance page to find out more.
  • Investment Mandates and Syndication Agreements: we syndicate with other fund managers who share similar mandates and opportunities and thereby benefit from the increased diversification in their respective portfolios.
  • Essential Investment Funds:  as a property owner we source, develop and acquire real property assets for our investments. These assets have an emphasis on (defensive market assets) like healthcare, affordable housing, residential aged care and commercial and special purpose assets supported by long term leases to strong tenants (see our Alternative Investments page to find our more).