PrivateInvest is a boutique investment and fund manager, specialising in the design and management of alternative finance and asset vehicles.

We invest in sectors that are determined as essentials – debt, fuel/food and healthcare. These sectors, which are driven by significant demographic and economic trends, are facing increasing demand with inadequate supply. They provide consistent and sound defensive investment opportunities in counter cyclical markets, at a time where investors are looking for alternative investments to the traditional equity and property asset classes.

We provide choice to our investors. You can invest with us directly or co-invest with us. We are intuitively focused on the discipline and culture appropriate to the changing financial environment with a strong emphasis on capital preservation and as a result are achieving superior, risk-adjusted returns for our investors.

Our strategic objective is the creation of value to achieve those superior risk-adjusted returns for wholesale and professional investors through the structuring, financing and active management of real estate and investment capital.